Ways to Consume Cannabis

When it come to consuming cannabis there are multiple ways to enjoy the plant. Here are some ways to consume your THC.


Person holding a joint that is lit

There are two ways to inhale marijuana, smoking and vaporizing

Smoking marijuana involves burning the flowers and inhaling the active components of the plant that are released. When smoking marijuana you can feel the effects within 30mins, or even seconds after inhaling.  Those effects can last anywhere from 6 hours to a full day.

Vaporization acts in the same way, but the plant is not burned, rather it is heated to a temperature at which the active ingredients in the plant are released as vapor that is inhaled by the consumer.

Most consumers prefer using marijuana this way. When a consumer inhales marijuana, the majority of cannabinoids enter the body through the lungs where they are passed along directly into the consumer’s blood stream. The effect is almost instantaneous. It is best recommended to eat food prior to consuming cannabis and to also start with a small dosage.



hand grabbing a single gummy edible out of a tin

This can be in the form of edibles, tinctures, capsules or oils. For most Edibles the onset is slower and takes up to 30mins to an hour to feel and can often be much more potent and last for up to six hours. When taking capsules it is best recommended to have food in your system prior to consumption and to start with a small dosage.

Another way to consume orally are sublingual products which are placed under the tongue and held in the mouth. The mouth contains a large number of blood vessels which can absorb cannabinoids. Common examples of these types of products include dissolvable strips, sublingual sprays, or medicated lozenges or tinctures. The time of onset for this method of consumption is similar to those seen in general oral consumption, however, some studies have reported an earlier onset.



women's hand rubbing lotion on leg

These come in the form of lotions, salves, bath salts and oils that are applied to the skin. The cannabinoids penetrate the skin and work to reduce pain and inflammation. This method is very popular with consumers who have localized pain (like from arthritis) and is non-psychoactive. Apply as needed.

Your relationship with cannabis is unique to you and how you consume is part of that. Find the method(s) that works best for you and your lifestyle.


Stay rooted and enjoy responsibly.

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