Stay Rooted

Stay Rooted

Minority & Locally Owned

Rooted In, Boston's Boutique dispensary located in the Back Bay, was established to build generational wealth in Boston’s Black, Indigenous, and people of color (BIPOC) communities. Through our shared benefits model, funds from our cannabis businesses are channeled directly back to the most impacted neighborhoods.

Our Story

Our Story

For Profit, For Good

Rooted In was formed to bring about generational wealth in Boston’s BIPOC communities. Through our innovative business model, profits from our cannabis businesses are funneled directly back to Boston's most impacted areas.


100% people of color

100% Boston Residents

50% Women

Our Shared Benefits Model

98% people of color

88% Boston Residents

50% Women


Every purchase you make with Rooted In will help build a more just and equitable cannabis industry by way of our innovative shared benefits program. Hear more about our upcoming pop-up shops and stay in touch with us by signing up here:

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As a cannabis consumer, it’s important to understand the many product options and their possible effects. If you’re still not sure what to get, learn more about the various forms of cannabis consumption, and let us help you find a strain that will work best for you.

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Every person deserves their flowers. Our budtenders set aside the best ones for you.


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