Pot-Tail’s with Cantrip

Don’t want to drink but still want to join in on the happy hour cheers or cracking open a cold one to kick off the weekend? Then a cannabis seltzer might be what you’re looking for!

Introducing Cantrip, a cannabis-infused seltzer ready to shake up your next happy hour. Here are few reasons from our budtenders to try out a Cantrip: 

Delicious Flavors offered in both THC and THC:CBD infused

Blackberry Lavender might be a Rooted In fave, but Cantrips come in five different delicious flavors in both THC and THC:CBD infused. They are also gluten free and vegan and only have 8 calories per can.

Fast-acting edible

Through the use of nano-technology Cantrip is a fast-acting drink, allowing it to kick in about five to twenty minutes. Which is faster than the traditional edible–just in time to party. The effects also last 2+ hours once consumed.

Good Times without the Hangover

Enjoy the good vibes + fun of drinking without the hangover. Unlike alcohol, drinking cannabis does not end with your body wanting to recuperate after a night out of drinking. You may even feel refreshed after consuming! 

Works well with others!

For those who are more experienced in cannabis, curate the perfect combo with Cantrip. Elevate your mood for a night dancing and having fun with friends by pairing a blackberry lavender Cantrip with a 1906 Bliss capsule. 1906 Bliss capsules contain Kanna (Sceletium Tortuosum), a plant that helps elevate your mood, increases energy, and reduces anxiety. A perfect companion to your 5mg Cantrip seltzer.

Want to sit back and relax instead? We suggest pairing Cantrip’s ginger peach, containing 1:2 of CBD and THC, and your fave indica flower. This will feel like a soothing lullaby putting you and your body into a nice relaxing feeling to wind down from a long day.

Grab a can or pack of Cantrip today and give happy hour a whole new meaning. 

Stop by Rooted In to see our current Cantrip selections!

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